TKC Games Ltd is a board game publishing company specialising in large scale WWII simulation strategy games. They have the distinction of being the largest and most expensive games in the world!

TKC Games Ltd

TKC Digital is TKC Games Ltd’s digital game development project focussing on completing the digital prototype of their game engine and bringing the TSWW series of products to a wider, younger audience.

TKC Games - Digital Project

6° (6 Degrees) is the website for the new TKC Games Ltd collectible card game. Based on the theory of 6 degrees of separation players compete to score the most points. We also developed the 6° Gameplay Tools website.

6 Degrees - The Card Game

AK-Reliance Security Solutions are a site security company offering a full range of services such as door and venue security, event security, key-holding and a dog section.

AK-Reliance Security Solutions

Alumni Energy Investments is a Section 12J Venture Capital Company that offers a unique opportunity to earn enhanced returns with limited capital risk

Alumni Energy Investments

Africa New Energies is a new initiative focussed on bringing cheap energy to remote African communities using exploration technologies in a unique way.

Africa New Energies

TemplateGuru is a site that gives free access to commonly used business templates in all areas, including legal, human resources, policies, purchasing and ordering.


Acqumine is a UK company that has positioned itself by coupling blockchain – the world’s most important emerging technology with the world’s most technophobic industrial sector – with the developing world extractive industry.

Acqumine logo

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