Moving slot items all the way to the top/bottom with one click in Rhythmyx

Moving slot items all the way to the top/bottom with one click in Rhythmyx

I thought it would be appropriate that the first ever Appeto blog post was about Percussion Software’s fantastic (at least to me!) Rhythmyx content management system.  I’ve spent over a decade working with this CMS and I love it.  It’s the only really de-coupled enterprise level CMS that allows huge flexibility to the developer.  This can sometimes be a bad thing – having 20 ways to do something with only 1 or 2 of those being the correct way can sometimes lead to the need to re-engineer the work of others.

One thing that’s always been an issue with Rhythmyx is the user interface. Users often moan about the difficulty of performing certain tasks and content editor forms could really do with updating. I intend to post a series of free enhancements in this blog for Rhythmyx administrators to implement and hopefully make the lives of their authors easier.  This is the first…

Editing related content in Rhythmyx is a fairly simple affair – you choose your slot and add allowed content items into the slot using whatever templates are allowed for that content type. But sometimes a slot can have upwards of 20 items in it.  Looking at the standard related content editor the problem of moving a newly added item directly to the top of the list of items is obvious:

Standard slot editing interface

Multiple clicks are needed to move the bottom slot item to the top. It is heartbreaking to have to scroll to the slot you want, move the item up, wait for the screen to refresh, scroll back to the slot and repeat x number of times until your item is moved.  So I fixed it:

Enhanced slot controls

We’ve added an extra button to the actions that allow an author with one click to move an item directly to the top or bottom of the slot.

It’s been implemented in MySQL and SQL Server  but requires modification of the sys_rcSupport XML application in Rhythmyx. The attached zipfiles contain instructions but essentially comprise the creation of two stored procedures, two query resources in sys_rcSupport, the arrow images and a change to the relatedcontentctrl.xsl template. The changes were done on version 7.3.1 of Rhythmyx and work in 7.3.0.

Slot Move for MySQL (zip)

Slot Move for SQL Server (zip)

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